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Begin Your Journey to Health

When you need support to cope with life's challenges, we can help.


Our psychologists provide non-judgemental care centred on YOUR needs.

For respectful psychological care, we invite you to contact us:

Annapolis Valley Psychological Services Inc. (AVPS Inc.)

Phone: 902.690.7281


Serving: Annapolis Valley, Halifax, South Shore, Truro, and Yarmouth.

When should I ask for help?

We can assist you when you: 

  • are not able to work through problems yourself or with the help of family and friends

  • feel helpless or hopeless 

  • feel sad or anxious for a long time

  • notice a major change in your mood or behaviour

  • find it harder to concentrate, make decisions, or do usual activities.

  • have career or work-related difficulties

Not sure what to do?

Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

We can help you explore your next steps.

How we can help you

Working with you and teaching you the practical and effective skills needed to tackle various challenges in your daily life.


At AVPS Inc., many of us use an approach called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 


With this approach, you and the psychologist work together. You learn how to improve your emotional, physiological, and behavioural states. 


Since cognitive refers to a person’s thought processes, the CBT approach works well to help you identify and correct unhelpful thought patterns.

We are

Now accepting referrals for assessments!

Our services are available through in-person, virtual and telepsychology platforms, with complete client confidentiality.

Our caring, empathetic psychologists are waiting to assist you.

Help with

Managing Emotions

8 Week Therapy Group

Focused on helping people to better manage and process anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and cope with distressing life situations.

AVPS Inc. Managing Emotions Group is held Wednesday evening 6 - 8pm when applicable.

To Register, contact:


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